Baseball rumours: Will Lucky Nugget sponsor a team?

Given its status as America’s national sport, there is a lot of prestige involved in sponsorship, for any company that chooses to go down this path – not to mention the fact that they will be reaching a massive audience across the country by doing so.

Therefore it is not really surprising that rumours about companies becoming involved in baseball sponsorship swirl around just as much as football sponsorship rumours do in Europe, and the latest one suggests that the top online casino firm Lucky Nugget may be set to enter into some form of baseball sponsorship deal.

The story is light on details just now, including which club – if it is only one – that Lucky Nugget are negotiating with, but that doesn’t mean that there is no truth to the story. Indeed, online gambling firms have been taking more of an interest in sports betting for some time – but up until now there have not been many moves into baseball.

However both the teams and Lucky Nugget could stand to gain quite a lot from any sponsorship link, as the clubs would get a great big money deal with a hugely successful company, while Lucky Nugget would introduce its brand to a whole new customer base – many of whom already enjoy betting on baseball matches.

After all, should baseball fans visit the Lucky Nugget website they would find a great deal to interest them, including baseball themed variants on traditional casino favourites – like the slots game Hot Shot. This game really recreates the feeling of being on a baseball field very effectively, from the cheers and murmurs of the spectators, to the sound of the ball hitting the bat.

Throw in the stadium backdrop, and you have one of the more immersive sports slot games, while the reel icons have been given a fun baseball slant, with pictures of strikes, hats, pitchers, hot dogs and fries – making this a game ideal for any baseball fan, should a sponsorship deal make them aware of it.