MLB: Michael Weiner dies at 51

Michael Weiner, who represented the players of Major League Baseball and become their leader in a time of labor peace and unprecedented prosperity, passed away on Thursday. Michael, 51, was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer fifteen months ago. The breathed his last at his home in New Jersey. Michael Weiner was regarded as one of the smartest man to work in sports. Apart from players, his was also popular among executives against whom he negotiated.

He appeared at the All-Star Game last July. That time, he told a leading newspaper that he was not sure whether he would be able to do this once again or not. If the doctors’ prognostications and numbers are right, he probably would not be.

Weiner was born and brought up in New Jersey. He graduated from the Williams College in the year 1983 and Harvard Law School in the year 1986. After 2 years clerking for a judge, he joined the MLB Players Association as counsel. That time he was only twenty six.

Stan Kasten, the Los Angeles Dodgers President told that he was really a great individual, a brilliant lawyer and a thoroughly decent person. All of baseball - labor and management - has suffered a great loss. Michael was always viewed as the path to a reasonable resolution.

Los Angeles Angels’ Albert Pujols tweeted: “Words can’t describe the kind of man he was. I will miss you, my friend.”