NHL Refs and the Mets

I wanted to follow-up on our prior post about NHL refereeing, where we reviewed Brad Meier’s and Bill McCreary’s actions in Game 6 of the Rangers/Capitals series. They are the referees who did not penalize Donald Brashear for his blind-side, away-from-the-puck, open-ice hit on Blair Betts, which later earned Brashear a 5 game suspension. They are also the guys who told the Rangers that they saw the hit and deemed it legal. Here’s a clip of the hit:

According to HockeyRefs.com, Meier (mercifully) has not worked any additional playoff games. However, McCreary was to-date worked 12 playoff games, including 2 Capitals games in the second round and 2 conference finals games. Amazing.

You may also remember that in our prior post on the Brashear incident, we identified 1 other playoff incident and 3 regular season incidents where a player was suspended for on-ice actions that were not penalized.

Well, of note, referee Mike Hasenfratz was involved in two of these episodes. He officiated the Ottawa/Buffalo game in January where Jarko Ruutu bit another player but was not penalized, as seen here:

He also officiated the Flyer/Penguin playoff game where Daniel Carcillo was suspended for a hit to Maxime Talbot’s head on a faceoff with seconds left in the game (but of course was not penalized):