Santana Likes his Rest

So, despite not working in the All-Star Game, Johan Santana is pitching Game #3 of the Mets’ second half today, working on 6 days of rest. Overall, Santana has had some concerning problems this year, including registering the highest walk rate (2.9/9inn), hit rate (8/9inn), and slowest average fastball (90.8MPH) of his career 88as a starting pitcher.

Here are some of Johan Santana’s numbers based on how many days rest he has:
Days Rest Starts W-L ERA IP K BB
4 8 3-4 4.74 49.33 44 21
5+ 10 7-3 1.88 67 68 16

Also of note, Santana’s 5 best starts this season (Game Scores 64 or higher) all have taken place with 5 or 6 days of rest.

Also, here is Santana’s average fastball velocity, changeup velocity, and the difference in his individual starts broken up by how much rest he had: