Worst Line-up ever

The Newark Star-Ledger is suggesting that last night’s Met lineup was their worst in team history:

Here’s what the Mets threw out on the field last night:

1. Cory Sullivan, CF (.227)
2. Luis Castillo, 2B (.300)
3. Fernando Tatis, 3B (.243)
4. Daniel Murphy, 1B (.252)
5. Jeff Francoeur, RF (.262)
6. Jeremy Reed, LF (.256)
7. Alex Cora, SS (.256)
8. Brian Schneider, C (.197)
9. Livan Hernandez, SP (.132)

According to this lineup analysis tool on Baseballmusings.com, last night’s Mets lineup would be expected to score 3.665 runs per game. That is not very good. But to call it the worst lineup in team history may be a bit extreme.

I don’t think that there’s a reasonable way to search for what is truly the “worst” lineup in the history of the Mets. But within the confines of 5 minutes of playing around on Baseball-Reference.com, I found at least three lineups that both look worse than last night’s to my eye and perform worse using the model on that website. Note that I ignored the first seven years of the Mets existence because picking on a lineup from one of those teams is kind of like picking on a retarded person. But here’s what I came up with: